We, The Executive Team, have noticed a common felt pain point among our agents: getting bogged down by all the paperwork and transaction details it takes to close a deal and get paid on time. We want to support you in attaining the success you desire so you can quit wasting your time babysitting your deals.

Your time is valuable!

Do you realize that you spend about 15+ hours per transaction doing paperwork?

Do you realize that you spend 15+ hours per transaction of your valuable time doing paperwork?

What would saving 15 extra hours per deal be worth to you if you could focus that time and energy on action items that will help you build your business instead?

We are committed to help you become more successful and relieve the stress of keeping transactions together. See what TC Services are provided to you.

Handle Brokermint Transaction

From contract to close of escrow.

Obtaining Signatures

On all documents & disperse to appropriate parties.

Begin Listing Process

Start MLS listing, order sign up, & upload photos.

Complete Listing Process

Order sign down, ensure MLS listing information is accurate & closed.

Compliance Tracking

Keep Agent on track and in compliance with all deadlines & ensure timely completion of tasks.

Send Welcome Letter

We'll send a Welcome Letter to Title, Lender & Cooperating Agent.

Send a Second Welcome Letter

We'll send a Welcome Letter to the Buyer/Seller & collect necessary documents.

Request & Send SPDS & CLUE

SPDS & CLUE will be sent out in a timely manner.

BINSR Tracking

Keep track of BINSR repairs and collect or provide receipts.

CDA Completion

We'll properly complete and disperse CDA to Agent.

Review Preliminary Settlement

Review preliminary settlement statement for accuracy.

Ensure Smooth Closing Transaction

Ensure closing occurs smoothly and transaction is complete for timely commission payout for Agent.
Meet your Transaction Coordinator

Kim LaMantia

Kim LaMantia began her career in real estate in 2005 as a Residential Realtor and has experience in apartment leasing, timeshare sales and quality assurance. She has supported our Tru Realty agents in an admin role since 2018 and started transaction coordinating on a part time basis in June of 2020. Kim conducts herself professionally as a liaison overseeing all aspects of buyer & seller transactions from executed purchase agreement to closing.

Kim as my TC has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. I was always having to worry about monitoring deadlines and chasing down documents. Now I never have to worry that something will slip through the cracks. I've gained back a lot of time (and peace of mind!) that I can spend on money-making activities and serving new clients, while Kim takes care of the details. Her level of professionalism is very high when dealing with other parties in the transaction. I feel she represents me and Tru Realty extremely well!

Melanie JohnstonRealtor

Kim is amazing to work with! She takes all the labor out of processing the paperwork on the buyer's and seller's side. Her communication skills are impeccable when working with my clients, title and lenders which allows me to focus more on my clients. I highly recommend Kim as a TC! You'll be asking why you ever handled the paperwork once you start using her. Worth every penny! She's amazing!!

Sandra McCulloughRealtor

For several of my deals where she made order out of chaos and kept the deals in line and on track. Kim allowed me to juggle several deals, which saved me time, made me money, and saved me from the jaws of Brokermint. She was always available at weird times, took my calls, text messages and emails at odd times and rolled with it. And somehow kept a pleasant and positive attitude and outlook. Looking forward to more, and using Kim to make it all happen.

Roger BrevoortRealtor

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