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RISMEDIA 2022 Real Estate’s Rocking In The New Year 

January 6th, 2022 @ 11AM – 5:30PM ET

We’re excited to announce that all associates at Tru Realty will be receiving a complimentary ticket to “RISMedia’s Real Estate’s Rocking in the New Year” on Jan. 6, 2022!

Get your FREE ticket today and receive a complimentary download of The Real Estate Agent Success Guide ($50 value) written by RISMedia. Click the link to register now!

Get Your Complimentary Ticket here

Open House Workshop

January 25th – 26th @ 12pm – 2pm MST

Agents, what are you doing with your Open House leads, and how are you capturing your open house leads?
Join us for our upcoming (via Zoom) Exclusive Open House Workshop on January 25-26 from 12pm-2pm MST.
In this 2-day intense workshop, we teach you our very own CMR Method which shows you how to market your open house to attract unrepresented buyers and how to effectively convert those leads to escrows!
Lead conversion is THE most crucial step to a successful open house. KICKSTART your 2022 and sign up!
Use code PREF2022 (ALL CAPS) for a 50% discount.
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Tru Realty Award Ceremony – RSVP Here

February 3rd @ 6PM – 8PM MST

Calling all Tru Agents – SAVE THE DATE! We are excited to announce our Award Ceremony, February 3rd from 6pm-8pm, here at HQ! Come celebrate YOU and your accomplishments! There will be food, drinks, music, awards and FUN! Please RSVP for this event. We want to make sure we accommodate you all accordingly. We will also send a text with the RSVP link too.


Inman Connect New York Conference – Register Here

April 19th-21st, 2022

DISCOUNTED PRICE for Tru Realty Agents!

Inman Connect is the leading event for the residential real estate community — a 3-day exploration and celebration of the glorious, complicated, rapidly evolving real estate marketplace. It’s where agents, brokers, executives, tech and finance professionals, entrepreneurs and investors, and more gather to learn, share, and forge essential relationships. It’s where ideas are nurtured, tribes are found, and careers are built. It’s the place to be this January —  at Inman Connect New York.

Get Your Ticket Here

Tech Stack Trainings

Chime Monthly Training: Smart Plans

Date: January 5th

Time: 9AM-10AM MST

Where: Virtual Training – Click here to open Zoom

Brokermint Training

Date: Jan 5th & Jan 19th

Time: 12PM – 1PM MST

Where: Virtual Trainings – See Tru Calendar for Zoom links below

Back At You Media Monthly Training

– Defining your social media goals:
Jan 7th – 9am – 9:45am MST

– What to do when your social media slows down:
Jan 14th – 9am – 9:45am MST

– Customize your landing pages to generate leads through social media:
Jan 21st – 9am – 9:45am MST

– Listing videos:
Jan 28th –  9am – 9:45am MST

Where: Virtual Trainings – See Tru Calendar for Zoom links below

Recruiter’s Corner

We’re growing!

There has been a lot of momentum in the last month with our recruiting efforts, and we are really excited for continued success on this front in 2022. I truly believe that we have not even scratched the surface with all of the traction we are gaining as we kick off the new year! 

In December, we were working behind the scenes to build out our national expansion plan. Here are some of our impressive stats so far:

Applicants to date:

  • Indeed: 1,293
  • Handshake: 141
  • LinkedIn: 248
  • Total conversions: 6

Sarah and I have been providing live zoom webinars to candidates that are both licensed and pre-licensed – and these also have been taking off. We have a retention rate of over 50% with our highest sign-up for one call being 47!

I want to give a HUGE shoutout to all of you that have been taking the time to submit positive reviews online about Tru, keep them coming! We have gotten so much positive feedback from potential candidates on our reviews, so thank you! If you haven’t posted a review yet, that would be awesome!

I would also invite you as we continue to invite more potential agents to attend Ashers Monday Meetings to join in and be present! 

Thank you,

Broker Update

How Is A Power
Of Attorney used?

A power of attorney (POA) can be used to designate a person “attorney-in-fact” to make and/or sign agreements on another person’s(principal) behalf. Not all POAs include the authority to sell property, so  a power of attorney should be reviewed by legal counsel or at the very least and escrow officer to verify and advise in what capacity the power of attorney should  be used 

The two most common forms of powers of attorney for real estate transactions include:

General POA – A general POA allows an appointment of an individual or institution as attorney-in-fact. This type of POA confers broad powers to the attorney-in-fact, allowing them to act on the behalf  of the principal regarding real estate, financial transactions, and other matters.

Special POA — A special POA gives the attorney-in-fact powers to act on the principal’s behalf for all matters pertaining to a specific real estate transaction. A special POA will typically spell out the duties of the attorney-in-fact as well as describe the real estate involved. Once the transaction has been completed, the POA will terminate.

The person  granted the power of authority (attorney-in -fact) cannot receive any compensation or proceeds from the transaction unless specifically stated in the POA. Exceptions would be if the attorney-in-fact holds title to the property, as to their interest. The Attorney-in-fact may not direct the payment of the proceeds to other than the vested owner of the property.

For creating a POA in Arizona, the POA document will need to be notarized and signed in the presence of a witness who is over the age of 18. POAs executed in other states are also valid in Arizona, although the title company or closing attorney may require that the attorney-in-fact provide an affidavit stating that the POA is still in effect and that the principal is not deceased.

As always, let us know of any questions

Trainings with
Barry & Stu

Buyer Side Contract Training (AZ)
January 11th: 10am – 12pm Via Zoom:
Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 880 6108 7304
Passcode: 651169

Seller Side Contract Training (AZ)
January 13th: 10am – 12pm  Via Zoom:

Meeting ID: 856 2144 4040
Passcode: 867017
Broker Roundtable
January 18th.  11am – 12pm Via Zoom:
Meeting ID: 812 7510 7362
Passcode: 039689

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