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Tru Realty Award Ceremony – RSVP Here

February 3rd @ 6PM – 8PM MST

Calling all Tru Agents – SAVE THE DATE! We are excited to announce our Award Ceremony, February 3rd from 6pm-8pm, here at HQ! Come celebrate YOU and your accomplishments! There will be food, drinks, music, awards and FUN! Please RSVP for this event. We want to make sure we accommodate you all accordingly. We will also send a text with the RSVP link too.


Inman Connect New York Conference – Register Here

April 19th-21st, 2022

DISCOUNTED PRICE for Tru Realty Agents!

Inman Connect is the leading event for the residential real estate community — a 3-day exploration and celebration of the glorious, complicated, rapidly evolving real estate marketplace. It’s where agents, brokers, executives, tech and finance professionals, entrepreneurs and investors, and more gather to learn, share, and forge essential relationships. It’s where ideas are nurtured, tribes are found, and careers are built. It’s the place to be this January —  at Inman Connect New York.

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Agent Trainings

Chime Monthly Training: Smart Plans

Date: February 2nd

Time: 9AM-10AM MST

Where: Virtual Training – Click here to open Zoom

Meeting ID: 950 7213 9328

Brokermint Training

Date: Feb 2nd & Feb 16th

Time: 12PM – 1PM MST

Where: Virtual Trainings – See Tru Calendar for Zoom links below

Back At You Media Monthly Training

– Downloadable Guides:
Feb 4th – 9am – 9:45am MST

– Why Do My Analytics Matter:
Feb 11th – 9am – 9:45am MST

– Using Hashtags to Maximize Visibility
Feb 18th – 9am – 9:45am MST

-Auto-Post & Auto-Advertising Your Listings:
Feb 25th –  9am – 9:45am MST

Where: Virtual Trainings – See Tru Calendar for Zoom links below

Buyer Side Contract Training (AZ)

Date: February 8th

Time: 10AM-12PM MST

Where: Virtual Training – Click here to open Zoom

Meeting ID: 854 7844 2106

Seller Side Contract Training (AZ)

Date: February 10th

Time: 10AM-12PM MST

Where: Virtual Training – Click here to open Zoom

Meeting ID: 832 1814 4886

Broker Roundtable (AZ)

Date: February 15th

Time: 11AM-12PM MST

Where: Virtual Training – Click here to open Zoom

Meeting ID: 871 3498 4341

Recruiter’s Corner

We are growing!

We want to introduce Howard Fletcher, our new Career Advisor helping us with recruitment in the east coast! He is also an agent with Tru. Howard has been a successful Realtor in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia markets since 2001. He has worked diligently over that span to stay on top of the housing trends, commercial development, and community information that his clients want and need to know.

We are live in these current states and looking to get agents there. Help us grow our reach far and wide! If you know anyone looking to become an agent or is already an agent looking to join a new brokerage send them our way! We’re super excited to be growing and letting the country know who TRU REALTY is and what we’re all about.

Broker Update

How to make easy money with outgoing referrals

Outgoing Referrals are a very important part of our business! Did you know that by being actively licensed, you can refer clients almost anywhere in the world and create an opportunity be compensated for it?

What is an outgoing Referral? It is a willing buyer, seller or renter with a need for the services of a real estate professional in a local or destination market.

Outgoing Referral Opportunity Scenarios:

  • Your old college roommate, Fran lives in Queens, NY and is moving to Boca Raton, FL. You are actively licensed but not in New York or Florida. Can you help Fran? Yes!
  • Your best friend Steve has a brother, Mark who lives in Chicago. Mark wants a larger house in the same school district he lives in now. You are actively licensed but not in Illinois. Can you help Mark? Yes!
  • Your next door neighbor has a friend named Betty who lives in Denver. Betty’s brother passed away and Betty  inherited his property that is located in a remote area of Texas. You are actively licensed but not in Texas. Can you help Betty?   Yes!

How do we find an agent to work with  for the outgoing referral?

  • Tru Realty Agent Network – as we add new states and agents to Tru Realty, we will be making the agent contact information available.
  • Realtor.com and Zillow – good sources for remote locations.
  • Google search for Brokerages in the area. Look for Brokerages specializing in  relocation / referral services.
  • Join a referral network such as Military Relocation, CRS, etc. Good idea if you plan to make this a part of your business model.
  • Ask other agents if they know of anyone. Post in Slack, ask Broker, etc
  • International Referrals – NAR Global has a designation where one can learn about international legalities, education, best practices, etiquette, research, and more.

What is the process?

  • First and foremost, talk with the prospective outgoing referral and determine what their needs are. Once established, ask their permission to allow you to send a referral.
  • Interview the agent you are sending the referral to. Find out if they are interested in the referral and if you feel they would be a good fit. 

Good questions to ask:

  • Do you have relocation experience?
  • Can you devote the time to meet the needs of the referral?
  • Will you keep me informed as things progress?

Is it OK to send the referral to more than one agent? Yes! Make the agent aware that the prospect may be interviewing more than one agent.  

What Happens Next?

  • Start a transaction in Brokermint.
  • Choose the referral checklist.  
  • Fill out the referral agreement.   

How much is the referral amount?

The referral amount is a percentage of the commission earned on the action side. The action side is the referred side. i.e. Buyer side  or seller side of the transaction. The percentage is a negotiable amount, usually 20 – 30 percent. 

Stay in contact! It is a good idea to occasionally follow up with your referred party to see how everything is going. Same with checking in with the referral agent. Sometimes the match is not great and another referral needs to be sent.

Top Ten Referral Sources

#10: THE GARAGE SALE – These are great places to pick up leads. Garage Salers love to talk and generally know the neighborhood scoop. They may be downsizing and need help relocating themselves.

#9: THE SALON – Hair Stylists and barbers come in contact with talkative mouths daily. Sharpen your listening skills while you are there. Ask your stylist if they know of anyone moving. The answer will most likely be yes!

#8: SLIM AND TRIM AT THE GYM Health Spas & Resorts usually cater to a more elite clientele. A healthy referral lead from one of the trainers who hears all the bored housewife gossip could be profitable.

#7: SOCIALLY SPEAKING Social media posts and videos targeted in cities with high relocation possibilities could be a smart idea.

#6: FSBO A different approach would be to ask them where they are moving? Do they need assistance finding a place to live?

#5: OPEN HOUSE Who are these people that are visiting your open house? Are they from out of town? Do they have a property to sell back home?

#4: THE FORGOTTEN It seems to be that most of us are from somewhere else. Call previous employers and acquaintances from your old hood and remind them you are in the real estate business and can help them or anyone they know.  

#3: THE LOYAL (HOPEFULLY) – Friends!  Don’t just assume your friends will always refer business to you. Ask them and remind them you can help people buy and sell in other parts of the country.

#2: THE DEPENDABLE Relatives! Isn’t it time to reach out to Aunt Bertha. How many nieces and nephews who live out of town are approaching the home buying age?

#1: THE OBVIOUS Your current and future listing inventory. Where are they moving? Who do they know who is moving?

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