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Office will be closed on December 24th & 31st

National Food Drive with FeedingAmerica.org

This year we want to keep focusing on giving back to our community. Below is a link to Feeding America, where you can find your local food bank to donate food to those in need. 38 million people face hunger every day and 12 million include children — we want to change that this year to donate as much as we can. If you’re in Phoenix area, you have the option to donate at St. Mary’s or drop it off at HQ.

Inman Connect New York Conference – Register Here

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Inman Connect is the leading event for the residential real estate community — a 3-day exploration and celebration of the glorious, complicated, rapidly evolving real estate marketplace. It’s where agents, brokers, executives, tech and finance professionals, entrepreneurs and investors, and more gather to learn, share, and forge essential relationships. It’s where ideas are nurtured, tribes are found, and careers are built. It’s the place to be this January —  at Inman Connect New York.

For more info about the event click here

Agent Trainings

Chime Monthly Training: Property Alerts

Date: December 1st

Time: 9AM-10AM (MST)

Where: Virtual Training – Click here to open Zoom

Brokermint Training with Kim LaMantia

Date: Dec 1st & Dec 15th

Time: 12PM – 1PM (MST)

Where: Virtual Trainings – See Tru Calendar for Zoom links below

Back At You Media Monthly Training

– Intro to Social Media Center:
Dec 3rd – 9am – 10am (MST)

– How to deploy video for your business:
Dec 10th – 9am – 10am (MST)

– Why to include social media marketing in a listing appt:
Dec 17th – 9am – 10am (MST)

– Defining your social media goals:
Dec 31st –  9am – 10am (MST)

Where: Virtual Trainings – See Tru Calendar for Zoom links below

Recruiter’s Corner

Back At You Media

Back at You Media is a powerful social media tool that you can leverage without having to pour hours and hours into it. Dedicated for Real Estate Agets, you can use Back At You Media you can schedule content to your Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn under one roof. Back At You Media also creates content for you! Check out what they offer here and make sure to check out the trainings so you can bring in more business through your social media.

Learn more by joining our trainings every month! Look at our Training Schedule for more info. Back At You Media also provides agents downloadable guides and resources to reference to. Check out the link below.

Download their guides!

Broker Update

A Few Important

ESTIMATED SETTLEMENT STATEMENT: Remember that it is imperative we review an estimated settlement statement prior to closing. Title is to provide this to you and the side you are representing. If you have not received it at least three days prior to closing, reach out to title and request it. There are several reasons this is needed.  1)  We want to verify Tru fees such as commissions and admin fee, and  2.) We want to verify contract terms such as price, concessions, etc for the side we are representing. The second step is to review the statement with the client you are representing.  There should never be a discussion or disagreement about fees while sitting at the closing .

NEW HOA ADDENDUM:  There is a new addition to the HOA Addendum: Line 75 Any additional fees not disclosed on page 1 and payable upon close of escrow shall be paid by: ___ Buyer ____Seller ____Other. Also, remember that if you have incorporated this addendum into the contract, it must be fully executed for the contract to be binding.

HOME WARRANTY: If a buyer is declining home warranty coverage, the box on line 296 must be checked. We never want a situation where a buyer hasn’t been offered the opportunity for a home warranty. If the seller is to pay, all the information needs to be filled out.  The title company  will need this information to prepare the closing statement. If the buyer is to pay and has not decided on a plan yet then you can decline and the buyer can choose later. Avoid putting “TBD” as the home warranty provider. Here is an example as to why from Tara Carter @ Old Republic:  “Everyone in the transaction forgot to order the home warranty. Six months later the home owner calls us because the hvac is out and we cannot find the policy in our system. Home owner calls agent and agent calls me frantic, no one ordered the policy, please help me……

I tell agent, if you can show me “proof of intent” I can help you. If the contract says TBD, I cannot help.If the contract says ORHP – plat +pool, $830 (this is proof of intent) I can collect the funds, backdate the policy and cover the claim.”

I BUYERS WAIVER OF CLUE and SPUDS: This is commonplace. Usually they have an addendum or a waiver. Buyer will need to acknowledge the addendum or the waiver.

For more information, please reach out to Barry Nicholas


Barry Nicholas

Trainings with
Barry & Stu

Buyer Side Contract Training
December 7th. 10am – 12pm Via Zoom:
Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 845 8607 1865

Seller Side Contract Training
December 9th. 10am – 12pm  Via Zoom:

Meeting ID: 833 5109 9208
Broker Roundtable
December 14th.  11am – 12pm Via Zoom:
Meeting ID: 882 3924 0397

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